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Reliable and Cost-Effective Window Repair in Rush, NY

The windows of your home or business represent the face of your property. They're both aesthetic and functional, offering beautiful designs that allow you to see out into the world and let sunlight brighten your interiors. When they become damaged or non-functional, it's obvious to both you and anyone who views them. Let G&G Window Repair restore your old windows to their former glory with window repair in Rush, NY, geared towards saving you money by preventing full replacements. 

As qualified and experienced window contractors, we have the skills, equipment, and dedication necessary to get your windows fixed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Whether you need us to install pet-resistant screens, perform window restoration, or fix a drafty window, you know we would do everything in our power to completely fix your problems before suggesting full window replacement. 

Comprehensive Screen Replacement and Repairs

If your windows don’t have sturdy and long-lasting screens, it can be difficult to enjoy fresh air in your house without also letting in pests or letting out pets. Even with a screen in good condition, you may avoid opening your windows because your cat or dog gets a little too rough with the screen, causing damage or tears. By letting our contractors install new, pet-resistant screens, you and your pets can enjoy fresh air any time without having to worry about sharp claws causing damage to the screen and inadvertently letting in pests. Whether you only need one of your screens replaced or repaired or you’re ready to upgrade every window’s screens, our company can handle the job and meet your needs. 

Specializing in Residential and Commercial Windows

No matter what type of property you own, it’s important to have secure and functional windows. Our company specializes in repairing residential as well as commercial windows and screens, so you can protect your home or business from the elements, pests, and intruders. Reach out to our friendly staff to schedule window repairs or discuss your needs.  

Improve Your Utility Bills and Home Security

One of the biggest factors in unnecessarily high utility bills is drafty doors and windows. By allowing our window contractors to repair and upgrade your current windows, you can help reduce the draftiness of your property and enjoy more comfortable rooms as well as lower heating and cooling bills. If your heating and cooling bills have been climbing without explanation, get in touch with us to schedule window repairs.

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G&G Window Repair in Rush, New York, brings you window replacements and restoration services backed by more than two decades of experience. Our company offers you the full spectrum of window repairs, but prefers to improve upon your current structure rather than replace it with a new one at the first sign of damage. We saw many contractors doing this when it was unnecessary, so we decided to start a company that helps people save money by simply improving upon their home or business's current features. Our field technicians are fully trained, OSHA-certified, and licensed to handle lead abatement. We strive to match or beat the prices of reputable competitors, and we never hire subcontractors or push unnecessary products on our customers.

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Our goal is to provide customers with a repair option as well as an improvement option for their windows.

Thank you for your interest. Contact us to schedule your window repairs or restoration services. We proudly serve clients in Rush, New York, and the surrounding areas. 

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