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Restore Your Windows in Rush, NY

Upgrade your windows’ appearance and insulation with a call to G&G Window Repair. We specialize in restoring all types of windows in Rush, NY. Whether your property is showing its age or a draft keeps creeping in, you can count on us to fix the problem. We have the tools and training to correct nearly any issue you have with your windows or doors. Our services and products include:

Restoring All Types of Windows
Glass Replacement
Custom Rail Rebuilding
Interior and Exterior Storm Windows
Clad Wood Exterior and Interior Replacements
Restoring Rotted Wood Window Sills, Rails, Doors, and Trim
Replacing Wood Storm Doors
Retro-Fitting Spring-Loaded Balances of Most Styles
Custom Wood Storm Windows and Screens
Custom Wood Window Replacements with Single- or Double-Pane Glass
Jamb Replacement for Vinyl, Metal Tilt, or Non-Tilt Designs
Making Non-Tilt Windows Tilt-In 
Installing Rope, Chain, and Cable Systems
Installing Pet-Resistant Screens
Installing Solar Screens
Replacing Crank Operators
Custom Wood Sashes and Window Rebuilds
Custom Window Hardware
Window and Screen Depot Services
Invisible Balance for Single Pane Wood Windows
Sash Support Systems
Retro-Fitting Windows with Our New Lite and Heavy Lift Balances
Supplying and Installing Various Types of Window Hardware
Re-Glazing Wood and Steel Windows
Tilt Pac Systems for Any Style
Jamb Liners for Wood Windows

All Brands Welcome

When you choose our team to work on your home or business, you can rest assured that we have the experience with a wide variety of brand-name and off-brand windows. Some of the brands we commonly service and install include:

American Craftsman™
Kolbe & Kolbe™

Louisiana Pacific™
Norco Windows™
King Windows™
Thermal Industries™

Best Built™
Provia Storms™

Rooms Window

Helping You Protect Your Property

Window repair is about a lot more than aesthetics; it also helps you protect your property and keep your indoor spaces comfortable. Why? A window problem can lead to a host of other problems, like high energy bills, pest infestations, and even storm damage.

Since windows create an opening in your building’s exterior, it’s crucial to ensure they are well-sealed. A broken seal will let hot air seep in during the summer and allow your heat to leak out during the winter. The result is unnecessarily high utility bills and uncomfortable living space. When you hire us for window repair, restoration, or replacement, we seal your property up tight so that it’s easier to maintain the ideal temperature all year long.

Likewise, a break in your property’s seal is an invitation for unwanted guests to come in. Insects and other pests don’t need much space to squeeze inside your home or business. Let us help you keep pests out with our restoration services. Finally, your windows play an important role in keeping your property safe during storms. If they are damaged, your entire property is more vulnerable. Talk to our team to find out which upgrades will best boost your home or business’s storm protection.