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Professional Window Repair in Rush, NY
G&G Window Repair has been helping home and business owners with window restoration and replacements for more than 17 years. Our company takes care of everything needed for your window repair in Rush, NY. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your residential or commercial project is being handled by a team of professional contractors with a proven record of success. Whether we’re restoring the energy efficiency of your home by upgrading your glass, adding weather stripping, or installing new hardware for properly functioning windows, we are prepared to handle your request.

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BEFORE                              &                                   AFTER

BEFORE- Cloudy glass due to seal failure and condensation between the panes

This beautiful arched window had seal failure causing condensation to build up between the panes causing a cloudy view. 

We replaced the glass with new dual pane, Low E glass and the customer now has a crystal clear view and a 20 year warranty on seal failure

BEFORE                               &                                  AFTER

Before- severe rot

BEFORE - This customer had a wall of stationary doors that over looked a lake. The view was not good as the frames of all the windows were so rotted it took away from the lake view. There were 9 door panels that stretch the length of the room and quotes to replace were in the $ 13,000 range.


AFTER - We removed the rot and rebuilt with cedar, pine and epoxy for hundreds not thousands of dollars. We saved the doors, and saved the homeowner a lot of money. This repair will be there longer than the house. We restored the million dollar view for a fraction of the cost. 

BEFORE                                &                                   AFTER


BEFORE - This customer had a home from 1902 and the windows were in really bad shape. He brought them in to see if we could restore them.


BEFORE- these windows had broken glass, rotted wood. missing wood. Just really bad shape from years of neglect. 


AFTER- We restored them and they look amazing even before we primed them. 


AFTER - We built a 3rd window from scratch, as the customer had 3 openings but there was nothing left of the 3rd for him to bring to restore. He couldnt even tell which were the orignals!



This customer had an old screened in porch. He wanted to convert it to a 3 season room.

So we custom built window panels to meet the specifications of the room size. Along with 2 doors to make going outside accessable
Now he has a beautiful 3 season room with high efficient windows, and doors. 

BEFORE                                 &                                  AFTER

BEFOREBEFORE - This is a picture window over a bath tub. The bottom rail was rotted so bad we could just pick all this rot out with our hand.  AFTER

AFTER - . Once rot was removed we rebuilt the bottom rail with cedar and epoxy. Now that its finished you can't tell it was even replaced. This process will last longer than any new replacement installed, and costs hundreds not thousands saving the home owner a lot of money.

BEFORE                                 &                                    AFTER

BEFORE - Seal failed glass and rotted sill

BEFORE - Lincoln windows with rotted wood sills and seal failed glass, with cloudy views.

AFTER -  We replaced the glass panels with new LowE argon gas glass, and removed the rot and rebuilt the sills.

AFTER - We replaced the glass panels with new Low E- argon gas glass and rebuilt the sills. The customer chose LowE to help reduce inside condensation as it is a great insulator.